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Italian rockers 17 CRASH set to release new album


Check this out folks !! As you can see in our hands we hold the final mix of our brand new record. Simone Mularoni did an awesome job and we are so excited about this product ♠ So fasten your seat belts and get ready cuz soon will be LOUD times...

Band Bio:

17Crash is an Italian hard glam rock band. Since the beginning the main goals of the band were to create their own music (in pure 80' s L.A. glam rock style ) and play a lot live. After working hard on their sound and on new material the band records their first rough promo/demo in October 2012 at the Big Wave studios . This product includes three songs : " Let me live your rock n' roll ", " Respect ", n' "Rock n' roll ". The tunes starts immediately to be heard and liked from many people on the net, on socials network and italian fanzines/webzines starts to show great interest about their music. The band starts to join a several number of interviews, reviews and partecipations to radio shows, especially in Tuscany and Northern Italy. The band gets tougher eveRy day by the way cannot find a long term mr right guy on the bass. Despite this they keep on playin' harder and faster everywhere in Italy, increasing their fans from everywhere in the world. They do festival, gigs everywherefrom North to South and had the chance to share the stage with artist like : Adam Bomb, Frankie Chavez, Faster Pussycat . Finally on September 2013 they found in the bass player called " Phoenix " the man they always wanted for the band. The band now is complete and stronger than ever. Ready for new songs and new experiences. Their facebook page reachs 16.000 fan in 3 years and their Reverbnation page locate the band at the first place in the Livorno chart for months. People really start to dig' em and the band keeps on writing songs when they don' t tour . Webzine and fanzine from Germany and Austria share review and promote their music in Europe and they get just good responses . The promo begins to be part of lotsa compilations of the italian underground rock n' roll scene. Their live videos are always more liked and shared on socials . On February 2014 the songs are nominated for the " Best demo on line category " for the Livorno Music Awards 2014 by Il Tirreno " (main newspaper in Livorno )totally involved in the organization of this Awards event. The band gets 1635 votes from the net and totally win the competition between others 120 bands. On Saturday 24th May 2014 they get rewarded on the prestigious stage of " The Cage Theatre " of Livorno in front of a huge and euphoric audience . They' ve been on the local newspaper three times and they' ve been included in the book " In fondo si suona " . After months of workin' hard on new stuff they finally had enough material and so decided get in the Studio . They wanted to start the recording of their first official full lenght album. They will work with italian producer/musician Antonio Inserillo well known in the italian metal music panorama as former musician of bands like : Tossic, Death SS, Rhumornero and Motus Tenebrae, etc. After one and a half year in tudio the record " Reading yor dirty minds " was released. Achieving great success in a very quick time in Italy and taking good vibes even over the ocean. Infact the band singed a record deal of worldwide distribution of the album with the great " Demon Doll Records " (USA). They started touring Italy everywhere, from North to South with more than 70 live shows in one year, totally a record for a band like this in Italy ! On May 2016 the band was even called to perform at the prestigious " Wings of Bea Metal fest " in front of 4000 people as opening act for the legendary UK band " Girlschool ". They get known even in Europe (Germany, Sweden , France) starting to get the attention of main music magazines ( Rock Hard, Metal Hammer) with great reviews about their live shows and music ( on papers and on the net ).

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