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How Rhino Bucket's original guitarist won awards for his work with Adele, Metallica and more...

The double life of Rhino Bucket's original guitarist

RHINO Bucket frontman Georg Dolivo has spilt the beans on the double life of the band’s original guitarist Greg Fields. Fields, as it turns out, is also known as Greg Fidelman – a giant of the studio who produced Metallica’s last album, Hardwired… To Self Destruct. “I’m not sure I’m supposed to be sharing this but the guy got a Grammy for engineering work on the first Adelle record,” Dolivo told the most recent episode of the White Line Fever podcast (please use this link “…and has worked with Slipknot and a whole bunch of people that I can’t remember right now. “It didn’t surprise me. “When we made our little demos back in the day, we had those cassette players that were like a mini recording studio and were all the rage, he was the guy who was behind the mini board to make our first demos before we got our first record deal with Warner Brothers. “He always had a natural aptitude towards all that." Dolivo says Fields/Fidelman jumped into his new career almost immediately. “When he left the band in ’93, he almost immediately went to work at a place that no longer exists but a legendary studio called Sound City in Van Nuys. “It wasn’t like he became the producer of Metallica out of the blue. He’s slowly but surely worked his way up the ranks, did a lot of work. “He’s been working steadily, really well, and I thought he did a great job on the Metallica album. We’re still friends, we still talk quite a bit. “We have lunch and dinners and our respective wives get along so it’s all good.”

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