Fallon (Ex- Skid Row Singer Matt Fallon) - Album Review

Fallon has it all!! Soaring vocals, great guitar riffs. Fantastic drum fills, and even some booming bass! Maybe you don’t know the name Matt Fallon so here is a brief history lesson:

Matt fronted several bands including Steel Fortune which included Dave “the Snake” Sabo. Sadly this band didn’t last, but in the early 80’s, Matt was pegged to be the singer of Anthrax for the “Spreading the Disease” album. As the band progressed they decided to go in a different direction and Matt was ousted for Joey Belladonna, who re-recorded all the vocals.

Then in ‘86 Matt was contacted by his long time friend Dave Sabo who was starting a new band to be called Skid Row and he asked Matt to sing to which he said “yes”. And there are Demos of Matt singing classic Skid Row songs with the band, such as “Youth gone wild” and “18 and Life” Sadly, this was also not meant to be for Matt, as they brought in Sebastian Bach and once again his vocals were re-recorded, and as they say, the rest is history.

The album overall is filled with great mid-tempo rockers, sprinkle in a ballad or two, maybe a little sleaze, and you’ve got the recipe for a killer album!! Below is my track by track thoughts on the album.

Blue sky in the rain- Kicks off the album with a BANG!! First rip from Matt’s vocals and you’re hooked! You can hear the influence of Skid Row on this one. The song is so slick you’d think that this was an 80’s era staple of rock radio. Great guitar work throughout from Aaron Wilkinson, including a killer guitar solo that just makes you want to bang your head!!

Light it up- takes the agression up a notch or three! Matts vocals once again dominate!! Jon Nicholson’s drums are predominantly featured through out, and they do not disappoint!! They keep a driving rhythm that plays perfectly with the killer guitar work. You can hear the venom dripping from Matt’s voice as he screams “light it up, LIGHT IT UP”

Not a thing-Is a real ripper!! Starts off with an amazing guitar solo from Aaron, then the huge booming drums join the party!! Lastly the vocals come ripping through the sounds. Matt tears through the first verse, then really hits is stride at the chorus, screaming at the very top of his register. You just can't help but bang your head. This song could have been ripped right from the stage at the Whisky. All hair, dripping with attitude

Queen- Your typical sleaze rocker. All hook, from the start you’re back in 85. Once again great music provided by Aaron and Jon. This track could show up on any bands album, it really harkens back to the 80’s, you can feel the beat as you start tapping along

The rain inside-Really shows Matt’s vocal range on this power ballad. As he hits all the highs you expect for a true POWER ballad. He really carries it home with his ability to sing. You can picture the lighters in the air as this song plays.

No Stranger-is another killer track, starting off with a great “Whoa yeah!” You know you are in for a treat, and you will not be let down on this one! By the chorus you are in it, banging heads and throwing horns!

Modern Love- is a pretty straight forward rocker. Once again amazing guitar work from Aaron throughout. Very catchy vocals that just drip with sex and sleaze

Feel it for the first time-You’re fist pumping from the start on this one, and it keeps going in true arena rock fashion. Drums so fierce you can’t help but party along, wedged in the middle you have what could be Aarons best guitar solo from the entire record.

Me-This song has a very dirty, gritty feel, with an opening bass line from Glen Moran that is just awesome! It really drives the raunchy feel of the track. Matt clearly has had enough of someone as he tells them to “kiss my ass”. Definitely a heavier song than the rest but still fantastic

Bad Attitude- This song really sounds like a missing Skid Row track. It is also missing the dynamic vocal range of Matt. It almost feels like an afterthought on the album.

The last two tracks are labeled as “Demos”

Tears-The production on this track is excellent if it is truly a “demo”. It has everything, great guitar solos, great vocals, and THOSE DRUMS!!

Easy come Easy go- another “Demo” I can close my eyes and see Skid Row playing this This may be my favorite track on the album, the chorus is just perfect!

That is my breakdown of the album. Had this album, came out in 1985 or 1986 i have no doubt that they would be a household name. Even today the album is great!! It is in regular rotation at HBH, so if you haven't taken the time to listen to it i highly suggest that you get your hands on a copy of the album and …



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