Sleazy Slimey Sunday 3 on May 6th 2018 Junkyard - EMN - Babylon A.D. - Denman - Kickin' Valenti

Sleazy Slimey Sunday 3

What do you get when you mix some kick ass old school rock n roll with some of today best up and coming bands? Sleazy Slimey Sunday! May 6th will see Headliners JUNKYARD in support of their killer new album "High Water" along with Babylon a.d., Every Mother's Nightmare also out in support of new releases. With newer bands Kickin Valentina, Denman, Old School and Streetlight Circus.

May 6th 2018

SSS3 will be held at Cancun Cantina

7501 Old Telegraph Road

Hanover, MD.

Tickets will go on sale in January.

#Junkyard #EveryMothersNightmare #Denman #BabylonAD #KickingValentina

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