The New Wave of Hair Metal - Weekend News Report ( January 6th, 2018 ) has teamed up with guys over at NEW WAVE OF HAIR METAL to bring you a weekly news report on everything from the new wave of hair metal. Band updates, new videos, album releases, tour dates and more! Tom Blaszczyk the senior editor over at NWOHM puts a lot of time and effort into each weekend news report to bring you the latest on bands from all over the world. Hopefully by working together we can help spread the word about some of these up and coming bands. Enjoy, and if theres some bands you've never heard of give them a chance. Check out there Facebook page and other social media accounts. If you find a band you like spread the word, hell buy a cd..............Thank You, to the guys at NWOHM! - HBH

To the NWOHM fan's around the world,

Greetings to our regulars, and hello to the readers of Hair Band Heaven! ( They will be posting the Weekend News Report there, and I can't thank them enough for this great opportunity! The best thing about this genre is the unity that us page's and websites have together. We're all in it for one purpose: to spread the word of hair/sleaze/glam! And in the modern genre of that sound, we had another wild & crazy week! It broke down like this...

he December countdown took place this week. There were ten video/singles to choose from. 🇸🇪Blackout Express🇸🇪 took home the #1 spot with their single'Don't Want To Be (Like You)'.

This is their second single to hit the #1 spot. The first was 'Adrenaline' back in June

🇿🇦L.A. Cobra🇿🇦 came in second with their amazing video 'War'

, and in third place with the video '0FG' was 🇮🇹The Lethal Idols🇮🇹. They won the tie breaker between them and 🇨🇿Double Raw🇨🇿 for the #3 spot. This was the second tie breaker we've had in our history of monthly countdown's. Ironically enough three out of four members of Double Raw were involved in both tie breakers when they were with the 🇨🇿Nasty Ratz🇨🇿 for the video 'Price Of Love'. The top three winners received awards and we thank all of the band's in the countdown for a rockin' month. And if you're keeping track, 🇱🇻Bloody Heels🇱🇻 still hold the record for the most votes received in a countdown for their video 'Cheap Little Liar'. This record has been held since May.

🇸🇪Crashdiet🇸🇪 released their new track "We Are The Legion" on New Year's Eve (Sweden time). The song was the first taste of what the future Crashdiet with new frontman Gabriel Keyes will sound like. The track was met with positive reviews from a majority of the followers here. The band already has festivals and concerts lined up in 2018. The Crashdiet monster is back! There is no news of a new album yet, but I'm sure Martin Sweet & company have one planned. Stay tuned...

It looks like 🇸🇪Confess🇸🇪 might be having a music video released from their second album 'Haunters'. Which is great news because now that the band is back to being a five piece (as I reported last week) with the announcement of new guitarist Pontus. 2014 was a great year for them with the release of 'Jail' (easily one of the top 10 albums in the history of this m​odern genre). And 2017 they were quiet, but had their second album 'Haunters' released.

I'm excited to see what the future will bring for them. I get the feeling we'll be seeing a lot of news from them in 2018.

🇮🇹Sandness🇮🇹 are shooting a new music video! Just last November their video 'Play With Fire' was voted to be the #1 video/single of the month by the followers from this page. The video was a compilation of live shows and off stage fun with the band. This one appears to be back to the professional setting with a camera crew. We'll keep you informed once more details are available.

January 12th is the big day here. You'll be able to vote for your favorite album's of 2017. There will be five categories you can vote on (you can vote on any or all categories you choose). Unlike our monthly countdown's where three bands walk away with awards, only the top spot on each category will receive one.

Go to :

The categories are as followed:

#1) Favorite demo/EP/single. This is for underground bands. Some bands don't release a demo or an EP. Instead they spend the money on one song and make a professional video for it.

#2) Favorite live recording. It can be a live album or a live DVD/Blu-ray

#3) Favorite #1 video/single of 2017. We'll take all of the video/singles that took the #1 spot from every month and you decide which one is your favorite.

#4) Favorite debut album of 2017. A lot of great debut album's came out in 2017. You can vote for your favorite one.

#5) Favorite album of 2017. Your overall favorite album from last year.

Quick bits:

North America (United States, Canada, Mexico):

🇺🇸Denman🇺🇸 are busy working on their debut with the infamous producer, Michael Wagener.

🇨🇦Love Razer🇨🇦 will finally release their debut this year. The promo video 'Venom' killed! Keep your eyes on them in 2018.

🇨🇦Sleazy Way Out🇨🇦 will be at the Piranha Bar in Montreal, Quebec, on Saturday February 24th. 🇺🇸Station🇺🇸 will be in Maryland on January 20th. A few lucky ticket buyers will get an advance listen of their up coming second album. You must pre-purchase your tickets to be eligible to win. You can contact the band or Dave Dillman at D-Toxin Productions to order. 🇺🇸Steel Panther🇺🇸 continues to rock n' roll on their Lower The Bar tour. Their next stop is the House Of Blues in San Diego on January 11th. 🇺🇸Wildstreet🇺🇸 will be at the Bowery Ballroom in NYC on January 10th.

Northern Europe (Nordic & Baltic):

The 🇸🇪Crazy Lixx🇸🇪 print that Danny Rexon has on his t-shirt is now available for purchase after fan's have been demanding it. Get it before you have to spend a large amount of money on eBay for one.

You Can get it HERE

🇳🇴The Cruel Intentions🇳🇴 will finally release their long anticipated debut album in 2018. Stick with us for the release date. 🇸🇪Cruzh🇸🇪 announced that they won't be playing the Melodic Rock Fest Scandinavia this Spring. But they did promise they'll be playing to Southern Sweden later. 🇸🇪Eclipse🇸🇪 are firing up for the Monumentum tour again! The action kicks off on January 26th in Malmo at the Kulturbolaget with SuperCharger. 🇸🇪H.E.A.T.🇸🇪 of course have been nominated in the Swedish Grammy awards for the hard rock/metal album of the year for 'Into The Great Unknown'. They will be back on the road soon. They'll be hitting Japan in February. 🇫🇮The Local Band🇫🇮 will return to Japan in early June with 🇫🇮Santa Cruz🇫🇮! The dates are:

Fri 1.6. Osaka, IMP Hall

Mon 4.6. Tokyo, Tsutaya O-East

Tue 5.6. Tokyo, Tsutaya O-East

🇫🇮Reckless Love🇫🇮 have been talking about a new album for sometime now. Last summer, Assistant Admin Tim interviewed drummer Hessu Maxx, and he spoke of it. Will 2018 be the year it arrives? Until then the band will be in action again on March 16th.

🇫🇮Shiraz Lane🇫🇮

​will be playing an acoustic show at the Hard Rock Cafe Copenhagen on January 26th. The new album 'Carnival Days' is set to launch on February 23rd. With two tracks already out to the public, this is a MUST own release.

🇸🇪Sin Cruz🇸🇪 have a video on their page of the recap of their gig at the Sticky Fingers. 🇸🇪ToxicRose🇸🇪 have promised that they'll be back on the road in 2018.

Mediterranean & Western Europe, Central Europe, Eastern Europe, and European Russia:

🇮🇹17Crash🇮🇹 have the final mix of their second album completed. Expect a release date soon. 🇨🇭Dizzy Fox🇨🇭 will be playing at the Rock & Metal Night in Bulach, Switzerland on January 19th. 🇮🇹Reckless🇮🇹 will be live at the Hells Angels MC in Vecenza on January 13th. 🇫🇷Sadhayena🇫🇷 will be playing with The Blast Wave and Scandal Crash on January 27th at Le Marquis de Sade. 🇩🇪Snakebite🇩🇪 are looking to make an impact on 2018. Expect a new album from them. The wild party animal frontman of 🇮🇹Speed Stroke🇮🇹 (Jack The Ripper) celebrated his birthday on January 2nd. I owe him a belated wish as I was busy with the December countdown that day and didn't go through my news feed. We always shut down for a few days during any countdown to focus on that. Have a belated cheers, dude! You can catch Speed Stroke on February 9th at the Rockmantic stage 1 at the Brickyard. 🇩🇪Street Hawk🇩🇪 are looking for a new singer. If you're interested, get in touch with them. 🇷🇺Stripped Guns🇷🇺 will be playing the Capital Club on January 26th. 🇮🇹When Venus Weaps🇮🇹 released a new single called 'Through The Stars'. You can stream it on Deezer. 🇧🇪Wildheart🇧🇪 announced their gigs for the HRH festivals this year. You can catch them next at the Backyard on February 9th on the Rockmantic Stage 1 as well.

United Kingdom (UK) and Ireland:

Get your 🇬🇧Bigfoot🇬🇧 album on Vinyl for only £17.99 on EMP. Limited supply left, so act fast. 🇬🇧DAMN DICE🇬🇧 will be having their album wrap up party on February 17th at the Nightclub Kolis. 🇬🇧Maverick🇬🇧 played the Ice Rock festival in Switzerland last night. Their new album is coming in 2018 as well.

🇬🇧Midnite City🇬🇧 announced that they'll be playing with Hardline on June 2nd. Tickets are already available.

🇬🇧Nasty High🇬🇧 will be opening for Kane'd at the Sanctuary Burnley in Lancashire on February 10th. 🇮🇪Stone Trigger🇮🇪 played the Phil Lynott tribute show on the 4th at the Vibe.

Australia, and New Zealand:

🇦🇺Catalano🇦🇺 will be releasing their second album. Roxx Catalano proved in 2016 that life after De La Cruz is going great and the music is just as hot!

🇦🇺Sisters Doll🇦🇺 frontman B. Monroe celebrated his birthday on the 4th. We hope it rocked! 🇦🇺Snake Bite Whisky🇦🇺 are recording their debut this month. They hope to have it out by May/June. It'll be released through Pavement Entertainment and Sony Red.

South America, Middle America, and the Caribbean Islands:

Congratulations to 🇧🇷Tales From The Porn🇧🇷! Oliver Sleaze from Sleaze Roxx has your album at the #1 spot for 2017! It's a great album. Both Oliver and I highly recommend their debut album 'H.M.M.V'. Former Tuff frontman, Stevie Rachelle has a winning team with this band. The sound is so fresh and well put together.

South Africa/India/Japan/Asia/Middle Eastern:

🇮🇳Girish And The Chronicles🇮🇳 were live at the Bflat Brookfield Mall in Bangalore, India. 🇿🇦L.A. Cobra🇿🇦 are playing with Deadline at the Aandklas Hatfield in Pretoria on January 27th.

Video of the week (December 31 - January 6):

🇨🇿Double Raw🇨🇿 - A Million Faces

That is all of the news I have for this week. As always, forgive me if I forgot to mention anything. And if anything new pops up we'll do our best to share it.

Keep the hairspray coming, and crank the guitars to 11!!!

The New Wave Of Hair Metal team:

Tom - Senior Admin/art director/Weekend News reporter

Tim - Assistant Admin/Instagram manager

Abishen - Video Jockey (VJ)/Admin/album critic

Pictured: 🇸🇪Crashdiet🇸🇪 (We Are The Legion single cover), 🇸🇪Blackout Express🇸🇪 (Don't Want To Be (Like You) single), 🇮🇹Sandness🇮🇹 (video shoot), and as always, the background is Detroit Rock City!

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