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Ammunition - "Freedom Fighter" video: New album due January 26th

Ammunition was founded in 2014 by the songwriting duo Age Sten Nilsen (former WIG WAM singer) and the multi-talented Erik Mårtensson (Eclipse, W.E.T., Nordic Union). The band released the acclaimed debut album "Shanghaied" in 2015 independently. Teaming up with former TNT and Jack In The Box bassist Victor Cito Borge, keysman Lasse Finbråten (Circus Maximus, ex-Wig Wam), skinsman Magnus Ulfstedt (Eclipse), and the exceptional guitar player Jon Pettersen, Ammunition has made a name for themselves as an incredible live act.

The first taste of music from this self-titled album was released earlier in 2017. "Wrecking Crew" (written by Nilsen and Mårtensson) landed on the Norwegian charts, taking AMMUNITION to the Norwegian Eurovision grand finale. The full length, original version of the song will be included on the forthcoming album, produced and mixed by the band's guitar player and co-writer, Erik Mårtensson.

Musically AMMUNITION are not too far from what was the trademark sound of Wig Wam, yet is a bit rougher and slightly updated but still laden with fine melodies and massive hooks!


1. Time

2. Freedom Finder

3. Virtual Reality Boy

4. Guns Ho (I Told You So)

5. Eye for an Eye

6. Tear Your City Down

7. Caveman

8. Wrecking Crew

9. Miss Summertime

10. Bad Bones

11. Klondike


Erik Martensson - guitars, bass, programming, keys, backing vocals

Victor Cito Borge - bass

Jon Pettersen - guitars

Lasse Finbrathen - keyboards

Age Sten Nilsen - lead and backing vocals

Magnus Ulfstedt - drums


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