Santa Cruz "Bad Blood Rising" Album Review

Santa Cruz has undoubtedly released the best album of their career to this point! “Bad Blood Rising” has everything you could want……. killer vocals, great guitar work and top notch production.

The new album kicks off with the anthem “Young Blood Rising” full of in your face energy, an anthem for a new generation! It’s a song that I’ve played over and over and it kicks my ass evertime!

Beginning a two-part tale, the full on “River Phoenix” is a tribute to the late actor of the same name, another great track and this album is is just getting started.

“Fire Running Through Our Veins” ,a war cry of the youth – living for today without a care for tomorrow.

“Drag Me Out Of The Darkness” is a mid tempo tune about finding your way in this world - awesome guitar work and background vocals.

With a tip of the hat to GnR – the acoustic ballad “Breathe” is a cool tune about looking back on a long lost friend. With the message that sometimes we just need to slow down a bit and breathe. “Voice of a New Generation” ….the title says it all. They may just be Rock n Roll voice for next generation.

Next up, the groovy “Back From The Dead” gang vocals in full force – “We’re Back From The Dead!”.

“Pure Fucking Adrenaline” – is Santa Cruz on steroids enough said.

“Get Me Out Of California” - is a catchy power ballad paying homage to the band love affair for state of California. Maybe the most radio friendly song on the album. That damn song gets stuck in your head, but it's a good one.

Song after song, nothing but kick ass Rock-n-Roll for a new generation. Look for this album to place high on our best of 2017 list!

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