Gypsy Rose to release new album in 2018

Just recently Michael Ross teamed up with a female fan outside Detroit who had been saving a copy of almost every tape (DAT and analog) that Shattered Heart/Secret Affair/Gypsy Rose had ever recorded throughout the years. It quickly became a priority for Ross to acquire those copies and digitizing them. These tapes are what Gypsy Rose will tap into and open up the archives during 2018.

Michael Ross:“I’m in a great place now with my life and she has saved 20 cassettes and 3 Dats of all my recordings from SHATTERED HEART… SECRET AFFAIR and GYPSY ROSE which I would have lost if not for her…Last night after dropping her off at her house it was very overwhelming to listen to all the songs Recorded in Studio….Live Recordings…..Board Tapes from sound man and demos Gypsy Rose had recorded for a hopeful 2nd record for Gene Simmons and tho it wasn’t released it will be I’m very sure in 2018…”

Secret Affair eventually became Gypsy Rose!

In what form it will see the light of day remains unclear at this point. 2018 promises to be a great year for fans of the band and with the promise of live shows, it seems likely the band will return to the music scene once more. Besides new releases and live shows a new website for Gypsy Rose has just recently been launched and is under expansion. There is also plans on a band biography which will be written by Norene Cashen.

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