Aerodyne releases first single "Comin' for You" from their debut album "Breaking

Areodyne has released it's first video"Comin' for You" from their upcoming debut album "Breaking Free".

Aerodyne FB Bio: "A four piece group based in the underground scene of Gothenburg, Sweden. After years of fighting the rock scene battle, in a several bands, they decided to give it just another shot by starting a new band, and doing everything a little bit stronger and better. Formed in the late spring of 2016, Aerodyne have managed to release a single with video and an EP, and an album coming up. But the story doesn't end quite yet - for this is just the beginning of a non stopping train."

Track List for Breaking Free:

As Above, So Below Comin’ For You Breaking Free Aerodynamic Pedal To The Floor We All Live A Lie Until You’re Gone Setting Hell On Fire Run Away Back To Back


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