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Aerodyne releases first single "Comin' for You" from their debut album "Breaking Free"

December 10, 2017

Areodyne has released it's first video"Comin' for You" from their upcoming debut album "Breaking Free".


Aerodyne FB Bio: "A four piece group based in the underground scene of Gothenburg, Sweden. After years of fighting the rock scene battle, in a several bands, they decided to give it just another shot by starting a new band, and doing everything a little bit stronger and better. 
Formed in the late spring of 2016, Aerodyne have managed to release a single with video and an EP, and an album coming up.
But the story doesn't end quite yet - for this is just the beginning of a non stopping train."


Track List for Breaking Free:

As Above, So Below
Comin’ For You
 Breaking Free
Pedal To The Floor
We All Live A Lie
 Until You’re Gone
Setting Hell On Fire
Run Away
Back To Back

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