Worry Blast - ".44 " Album Review

A Rhythm section that lights a darkened highway, guitars that descend like lightnings from a stormy sky, a voice polished by sand paper ... If ACDC was an old family recipe, this young band from Switzerland is what you would be eating at Grandma's house.

Every song ROCKS! No fillers. Its hard to pick favorites but We Can't Stop Rock n Roll, .44, Heartbreak and Drink it All are currently kicking my ass. It definitely fits into the 80s metal category but to say that this is simply nostalgic or very Airbourne/ACDC-ish does it a huge disservice because it sounds very fresh and new as if it belongs in the here and now. It's aggressive, throw your fist in the air, turn it to 10 Rock n Roll! No preaching, politics, hate, or life sucks lyrics. Just grab some beer and a hot chick and have a party!

Release Date: January 19th , 2018

".44" is produced by Dennis Ward (Pink Cream 69, Michael kiske, Bob Catley etc.)

"Break Out From hell" from the album "Break Out From hell"

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