Spider Rockets Return to Make You "Sick"

After a long five-year wait, New Jersey's Spider Rockets are at long last rolling out the lyric video to support their new single, "Sick." The single is from the group's upcoming full album release, Along Came a Spider, due out early 2018.

The new lyric video is a bit of a departure from the typical After Effects, graphics-driven lyric video flooding the current scene. "We wanted to keep it organic, flowing, and to reflect the theme of the actual song," reveals lead singer, Helena Cos. The video frames a scene set on a bar top where an unwilling female hand is passing handwritten notes (the song's lyrics) to a captive audience of one - a male hand on the receiving end. Suffice it to say the evening doesn't go very well for the bar fly looking for a hookup. "It was all shot in a single take with no edits," adds guitarist, John Nap. "This made the shoot really fun, but we definitely have new respect for bands that do this kind of stuff. It's really hard to get all the action just right without screwing something up and then fixing it in post!"

The band's new album is the long-awaited follow up to 2012's, Bitten, which MetalOdyssey.com named as one of their Top 10 Hard Rock Albums of the year. Bitten also spawned the single "Going Down", which was adopted by Charlotte Flair of the WWE (daughter to wrestling icon, Ric Flair) as her introduction and victory theme song for much of 2014.

"Sick," as well as the rest of the new material, follows in the footsteps of Spider Rockets' previous album - delivering their brand of lean and mean, straight-ahead rock that has earned them their no-nonsense reputation. When asked why "Sick" was chosen to mark ​their return, Helena confessed - "Keeping angry feelings bottled up inside rarely works for us. So, instead, we share them in a song. Unicorns and rainbows? Hell no! We're here to kick your ass and make you sick."

The group is currently planning some live dates for the New Year, so keep your eyes open, especially in the northeastern United States. Spider Rockets' "Sick" will be available for download via most online music sites tomorrow, Friday, December 8th.

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