Metallica Unreleased 1986 Concert to air on SiriusXM this Friday

Attention SiriusXM Subscribers: Tune in this Friday, December 8th to Howard 101 at 11 PM, EST to catch the broadcast of the unreleased 1986 show from Eau Claire, WI as Metallica continue to celebrate the release of the remastered versions of Master Of Puppets.

If you miss it Friday, there will be a replay the next day at 9 PM, EST. Following the Howard 101 airings, you can catch additional broadcasts on Liquid Metal (Channel 40) and Ozzy's Boneyard (Channel 38) as well as a few songs here and there on Octane (Channel 37).

Howard 101 Schedule (Channel 101)

Friday, December 8th at 11 PM, EST / 8 PM, PST Saturday, December 9th at 9 PM, EST / 6 PM, PST

Liquid Metal Schedule (Channel 40) Monday, December 11th at 5 PM, EST / 2 PM, PST Tuesday, December 12th at 12 PM, EST / 9 AM, PST Wednesday, December 13th at 10 PM, EST / 7 PM, PST Thursday, December 14th at 3 PM, EST / 12 PM, PST Saturday, December 16th at 7 PM, EST / 4 PM, PST Sunday, December 17th at 10 AM, EST / 7 AM, PST

Keep watching Metallica's socials for updates on days and times.

(Photo - Ross Halfin)

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