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Kickin Valentina “Imaginary Creatures” Album Review

Throw in a bit of everything you loved from sunset strip music scene, add a little bit of that dirty southern metal feel from bands like ( Junkyard , Dangerous Toys) then maybe toss in a bit of Buckcherry and Hardcore Superstar and what you have is KICKIN VALENTINE!

Atlanta rockers, Kickin Valentina are back with their third studio effort, "Imaginary Creatures". The band’s love for old school hard rock resonates throughout Imaginary Creatures.

'Eyes' comes out swinging on the opening track, with its gang chants, swaying guitar riffs, and a killer groove. Joe Edwards vocals fit the feel of the song perfectly.

“Devils Hand” is packed with rhythmic swagger, while Chris Taylor bass brings the rumble on “Street”.

“Crazy” is an infectious, throw back 80's ballad. “Roll Ya One”, and “Heartbreak” are in your face rockers. Both tracks sound is if they might have fallen off a Buckcherry record. "Burning Love" is an amped up cover of the classic Elvis Presley song that should bring a smile to the faces of any fan of the king.

The rest of the album follows suit, with big choruses and catchy verses.

There is a comforting familiarity to the songs on "Imaginary Creatures". Kickin Valentina have dropped an album full of infectious tunes with "Imaginary Creatures", that grows more enjoyable with each listen.

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