FnA Records to Re-issue "Is Hard Rock" and "Bad Reputation" from LANDSLIDE

Landslide, originally from Denver, CO and later part of the ever thriving Los Angeles Sunset Strip scene, Landslide were a band that had a large local draw and managed to release two vinyls that are well known among hard rock collectors: "Is Hard Rock" and "Bad Reputation." The music on "Is Hard Rock" from 1987 contained keyboards and followed a bit more melodic direction, but after releasing it and beginning to transition to the LA area, Landslide decided on a full hard rock style which followed them the rest of their duration as a band, switching from a 5 piece to a 4 piece. This new release on FnA Records is the definitive Landslide collection, combining the songs from both of their independent vinyls as well as songs from cassette demos they released while packing clubs on the Strip.


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