Supercharger's New Video 'The Ride' featuring Clare Cunningham, former singer of Swedish


feat. Clare Cunningham!


Supercharger takes you for an exciting ride on the second single from their coming album. The new single ‘The Ride’ is up-tempo rock ballad and is features Clare Cunningham, former singer of Swedish rockers Thundermother, in a passionate duet with Linc van Johnson.

Originally the song wasn’t intended as a duet, but during the writing process it became clear that adding this extra dimension to it, would take the song to new heights. And after spending weeks on the road with Thundermother in 2015, the rough vocals of Clare Cunningham, was an obvious choice.

“I was super thrilled when I got the phone call over the summer to join forces with 'Supercharger' on one of their upcoming tracks! I had previously been out on tour with them a few years back and was excited to get the opportunity to work with these amazing musicians again!

– Clare Cunningham

The song is about taking a chance before it’s too late - inspired by the personal

story of van Johnson, who took chance when the chargers back

in 2015 asked him to be their new front man.

The new single is accompanied by a video, with clear references to

80ies glam rock videos. Van Johnson plays a bored mechanic who gets an offer he can’t refuse, when Cunningham drives her car onto his ramp.

Recorded at Soundmatters

Produced by Karsten Dines Johansen & Supercharger

Mixed by Tobias Lindell (H.E.A.T, Europe)

Mastered by Dragan Tanaskovic (Mustasch, Dark Tranquillity)

Released by SONY/GAIN

Video produced by Caspar Holbek & Henrik Stendahl

Cover Photo by Michael “Caddy” Søndergaard

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