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Annihilator releases NEW album “For The Demented” and video 'Pieces of You'

From the FB Page of Annihilator:

ANNIHILATOR Releases Music Video for “Pieces of You”. (share this if you like it, MetalHeads!)Jeff Waters: “The following contains a graphic interpretation of a true crime story that includes potentially disturbing images and lyrical content. We realize this is not exactly the most pleasant subject to write about, however, in the world of being a writer and musician, sometimes these stories can spawn a song! While many of the songs from the new cd “FOR THE DEMENTED" have positive messages in them, this one does not! This is about a criminally insane guy who murdered his “annoying” girlfriend to “silence” her voice. He then eats pieces of her, as a means of keeping her alive inside of him. Ya, crazy, but when you watch horror movies, crime shows and own a few Cannibal Corpse t-shirts, this is tame in comparison.I like the 3 dimensions of this: seeing the lyrics roll by: hearing/feeling the music and watching the horror… almost difficult to take it all in, in one view.Enjoy “PIECES OF YOU”, if you can!”16th Studio Album, For The Demented, out November 3, 2017 |

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