AC/DC's Bon Scott died from drug overdose, claims new book

BON Scott’s death may have involved a heroin overdose according to a new book on the iconic AC/DC singer.

Author Jesse Fink’s Bon: The Last Highway interviews Scott’s friends who allege the rocker was dabbling in the drug at the time of his death in London in February 1980, aged 33.

While AC/DC always denied Scott’s use of class A drugs, two books have claimed he OD’d on heroin in Australia — first in 1975, then in 1976.

On the night of his death — listed as ‘death by misadventure’ with ‘acute alcohol poisoning’ — Scott was in the company of known heroin addicts.

“Basically he had a third overdose and this time it got him, that’s the conclusion I come to,” Fink claimed.

Bon Scott of AC/DC backstage at Day on the Green in the US in the late 70s. Picture Richard McCaffreySource:Supplied

Scott’s nickname was Ronnie Roadtest for his high tolerance of different chemicals.

Fink‘s two years of research found Scott used Quaaludes, cocaine and marijuana, as well as heroin and his trademark heavy drinking.

“Obviously if Bon ended up in hospital after two (over) doses of heroin he couldn’t tolerate it. In this book there’s two people who were there the night he died who believe he snorted heroin.

“When he got to London the in thing was snorting smack, that was flooding London at the time, and it was brown heroin and very strong. All the characters linked to Bon in the last 24 hours of his life were allegedly associated with heroin. Heroin was a recurring theme in his death.”

Police and hospital records from the night are no longer available while Scott’s death certificate had his home address incorrectly listed.

“He was a prodigious drinker. The idea that seven double whiskeys would put him in the ground seems a strange notion.”

Fink’s book does confirm that musician Alistair Kinnear died a few years ago — he was the last person to see Scott alive and partied with him on the final night of his life.

The author also examines the conspiracy theory that Scott was involved in lyrics for AC/DC’s breakthrough album Back in Black, released just five months after his death.

His replacement Brian Johnson is credited for writing all the lyrics on the album, which has now sold over 50 million copies.

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