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Midnite City - Album Review

Just go and buy the album NOW! You won’t be disappointed, you’re going to love this! This is a can't miss for fans of Danger Danger and Def Leppard.

As for the songs, it's pretty much all killer with no filler. The album rocks out from the start with 'We Belong', 'Ghost of My Old Friends', and 'Summer of Our Lives', blazing and catchy numbers. Just past the middle, you pause for the acoustic ballad with 'Everything You Meant to Me". Similar in tone, 'Things She Said' has Wylde summoning his inner Rick Springfield. From there the rock n roll continues and roars with 'Think About You'

This album is basically made for fans of the 80's music scene. There are obvious Def Leppard influences scattered throughout this album as well as Danger Danger, etc. Really just a fantastic melodic rock album!

Track listing

1. We Belong

2. Ghosts Of My Old Friends

3. Summer Of Our Lives

4. Nothing's Like Losing You

5. Last Beat Of My Heart

6. Everything You Meant To Me

7. Can't Wait For The Nights

8. One Step Away

9. I Just Can't Take It

10. Things She Said

11. Think About You


Rob Wylde (lv, g)

Miles Meakin (lg, bv)

Shawn Charvette (k, bv)

Josh Williams (b, bv)

Pete Newdeck (d, bv)

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