Helloween lyric video for “Pumpkins United”

From the Halloween Facebook Page:

The PUMPKINS UNITED WORLD TOUR is going to be raw awesomeness! The news of Andi, Michi, Kai, Weiki, Sascha, Markus, and Dani turning in a unique premiere and entering the stage together has struck like a bombshell. Allow us to briefly show off with some numbers: The Super Tour, with plenty of dates being sold out for a while now, will be witnessed by more than 10,000 in Mexico City, 16,000 Brazilians will be rocking out in Sao Paulo, 9,000 have checked in at Santiago de Chile while in Stuttgart there’ll be 6,000; 8,000 can’t wait until the Milan show and finally there will be ultimate mayhem at the mega highlights in Prague with 12,000 tickets sold as well as in Madrid with, believe it or not, 14,000 (!) Spanish Pumpkinheads. No wonder, the metal press features hardly any other band in its cover stories and the world’s biggest metal mag “BURRN!” dedicates an unbelievable 41-page spread to PUMPKINS UNITED. This world tour will be forever unforgettable for the entire band and far more than 100,000 HELLOWEEN maniacs all over the planet.


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