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Al Frisch, the vocal force of Drive, She Said has passed away R.I.P.

Another unbelievably sad loss to the melodic rock community. Al Fritsch, the vocal force of Drive, She Said has passed away.

This - from his bandmate Mark Mangold:

"Time to focus and try to say a few words...though they can't suffice, because there are people here on FB who care. Numb.

To know Al was to love him... and be loved in return.

If you didnt know him and only heard his amazing voice, or virtuoso musicianship on guitar, keys, bass or any instrument he touched, you were moved... he was a force of nature. Never a mean word, an amazing father, husband and friend to many. If he saw all the appreciation, love and respect coming his way he'd be laughin'. Yes he made our music come to life, but I did records just to hang with him and behold his talent. FUN. Everyone who knows him feels lucky and enriched for having him in their life. His absence is incomprehensible. He was young. This was not supposed to have happened. Now the hard part... living without him..."

RIP Al...

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