Tommy Paris of Britny Fox - Interview with Hair Band Heaven

Tommy Paris of Britny Fox recently talked with about his new solo cd, Count 77, Britny Fox and more....

HBH: Tell us about the new album from The Tommy Paris Band?

TP : It’s a brand new, 10-song CD that rocks and rolls heavy and hard!! Exclusively for sale at

HBH: You are a prolific musician and have done albums with Jillson, Britny Fox, Count’s 77 and the Tommy Paris Band. How does the new solo record differ from some of those other releases, and what made you want to take on a solo project now?

TP: I’d been wanting a new collection of songs to play that fit in with the songs from the first three Britny Fox CD’s so they could be included in the live show. This was what I brought to the table for the next Britny Fox CD but we were more into playing live at that time and it never happened. I loved making this CD because it turned out exactly how I heard it in my head. This CD differs in the sense that I was able to shape it with my vision clear and without compromises. Sounds killer loud in the car! Good driving disc!

HBH: Being a Youtube generation, do you feel there’s pressure to make every performance great, knowing that if you have one bad night, it’s gonna be all over internet the next day?

TP: Yeah, the quality mostly always sucks and is unflattering to the show, unless they’re fillming in front of the PA. At least then, you can hear it semi-accurately. It’s very unprofessional sounding and is a real drag how far and wide some of these clips go. I hear some and I cringe. I’ve had some good shows but also some bad ones and the warts and boils are out there for all to see and hear!

HBH: In Count’s 77 you play keyboards and do backing vocals. How’s the transformation from frontman to keyboardist been?

TP: I’m a chameleon so it’s never an issue. I have different roles in different bands. I show up to do a great job regardless of what position I’m in. I also really love singing with Danny and playing Hammond B3’s!

HBH: There are a lot of musicians out there, your peers, who have been putting out some of the best work of their careers over the past few years. Are there any plans for a new album from Britny Fox?

TP: You never know... For now, I’m focused on the Tommy Paris Band CD.

HBH: We have all seen the record industry change exponentially throughout the years and is a very challenging sea for artists to navigate. What does it take to keep a project like Britny Fox or Tommy Paris Band out on the road and in the studio making new music?

TP: So much money has been lost for artists through downloading that a new source had to be found which is how the paid meet n’ greets began to become so common. These days you have to be creative to find the money it takes to operate on a professional level.

HBH: I’m a big fan of bands playing their new material live. What’s your take on bands only playing the hits live.

TP: Whatever a band wants to do is fine with me. Personally, I like to play the songs people know but I also like to include brand new music in the set as well.

HBH: There were a lot of great leftover songs from the “Bite Down Hard” sessions. Has there ever been any thought of possibly remixing those songs and releasing them?

TP: No interest at all. The demos of those tunes are all over the place anyway. I like to move forward. Bite Down Hard is the best we had in us. The other tunes were written but didn’t make the cut.

HBH: Over the course of your career what songs are you most proud of and why?

TP: Closer To Your Love and Turn On are two of my favorites. I still like them when I hear them nowadays.

HBH: Anything else you would like to share?

TP: Check out the new TOMMY PARIS BAND CD exclusively for sale at:

Cheers Josh! Thanks!

Tommy Paris Cd Sampler

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