Romeo Riot to Release "Sing It Loud" October 16th

Hard hitting arena Rock. Think Night Ranger, Slippery Era Bon Jovi with a wall of guitars and vocals. This is a 10 song album that is begging to be played on a big stage or cranked in your stereo, car or ipod. Romeo Riot is a band of now bringing back the sound of then with the production of today. Best of both worlds. Most importantly, this is a FUN record that will put a smile on your face and want you to hit repeat as the last chord rings out. Who is this band? Well this is what their label has to say : What sort of fun happenstance did we just have land at our feet? Well, forgive us for using such a term, but Kivel Records now has its own Supergroup. NO, we do not mean this with arrogance or to appear boastful with a laundry list of a who's who of platinum selling musicians. What we mean is, to "us", this is OUR Supergroup. This is our A-TEAM! These are our All Stars, this is our own Damn Yankees! 5 Musicians that have contributed to the last 5 years of our success. Now all together working as one unit, and as one band. They have all produced, written, and released some of the best records in Kivel Records two decade history. So it is time we let them throw a party of their own.

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