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Sisters Doll - Interview with Hair Band Heaven

Sisters Doll are currently out on the road in support of their latest album "All Dolled Up" The band took time to talk with about the new record, life on the road and working with Peter Criss and Bruce Kulick.

HBH: The band released a great new album this year “All Dolled Up”. How has the reaction do the new album been so far?

SD: The reaction has been great so far, it got to #5 of the iTunes rock Charts and it also got to #18 on the all genre album charts which is very exciting for an independent band with no label backing or support. This was an album funded by our fans and we put our heart and soul into it. It is a special album and we are very proud of it.

HBH: I really liked your previous record “Welcome to the Dollhouse” but this one I absolutely love start to finish, every song. What can you tell us about the song writing process for the album and gathering the right mix of tunes?

SD: Thanks for the Dollhouse love haha. This album was well over due, it had been 4 years in the making due to us moving states and with the excessive touring we never had enough time to get into the studio earlier. When the time finally came to record "All Dolled Up", the songs were ready and waiting. The hardest part was trying to choose the songs that were going to make the album and we didn’t want to cut any hence the 13 tracks. All these songs had been road tested and constructed over the 4 years that the band had been progressing.

HBH: The band has crossed paths in one way or another with Kiss on a few occasions. Meeting Gene Simmons, working with Bruce Kulick and the recent tour with Peter Criss. Can you tell us what you’ve learned as a band by being able to interact with some of the members of such a huge band?

SD: We have learnt so much and we are forever grateful and humbled to have had these opportunities at such a young age. Bruce is a Phenomenal musician and he hammered us and showed us all the in's and outs of all the KISS Classics, those rehearsals with Bruce were a great musical learning experience for us. Peter Criss was all class and such a professional when we got in the studio with him. We learnt a lot more about the structures of the classic songs that we all know and love and how the drums really were the meat and potatoes of KISS. Peter Criss is a legend.

Bruce Kulick - Live Australia- Thunder Down Under Tour 2017

HBH: The band recently did some dates as the backing band for Peter Criss on his farewell tour. Can you talk a little bit about that experience ?

SD: It was honestly a dream come true. Something we thought would never be possible. Growing up huge KISS fans we pinch ourselves every time we think about the experience. Peter Criss was an amazing person and we call him and his beautiful wife Gigi our USA parents, they treated us like we were the rockstars and we were just honoured and humbled to be in there presence.

Peter Criss, Last Show in America. 2017 Strutter

Peter Criss and Sisters Doll

HBH: If you could be a fly on the wall for the recording of any classic album in history, what would it be?

SD: Most probably the KISS Destroyer album, we heard some interesting stories from Peter Criss and it sounded like it would have been awesome to be in the room with all the guys and to see all the magic happen.

HBH: How does each city compare to each other in Australia? Do some places do better than others consistently or has it been different on each tour?

SD: We have only toured USA and Australia and obviously Australia is our home so the vibe in Australia is very cool because more people know us here because of all the excessive touring. USA is great and the scene is always great when we go there. When we go to different countries it feels like we are starting again, you always have to build the foundations in your home country first which takes years to build but when the time comes to try and tackle a different country you have to do the whole process again which at times is frustrating. But if you love it and aren’t scared of hard work you will do it, as long as you enjoy the ride along the way.

HBH: There are a lot of bands coming out of Australia who have that classic Ac/dc sound. You guys tend to lean more towards bands like Poison, Kiss and early Bon Jovi. Who are some of your biggest influences musically?

SD: As a collective we love the classic stuff KISS, Motley Crüe, Aerosmith, Ratt, Van Halen and Bon Jovi just to name a few as the list is endless. The reality is that’s what we grew up listening to thanks to our dad so it feels very natural for us to emulate and recreate that music with a modern Sisters Doll flair.

HBH: What is the best way for fans to support artist these days?

SD: We think the best way to support artists these days is by going to see a live show. The reality is there’s no money in CD sales with all the digital and online piracy so by going to show your are:

1: seeing the artist in the flesh and giving the artist a crowd and atmosphere to play to.

2: You might discover and want to support the artist after the show with buying merchandise which is direct from the artist.

3: You keep the scene alive so artists can still have the money and drive to tour, record and get out to the fans and people that matter most.

HBH: What are the bands plans going forward?

SD: We are going to be releasing our second single from the "All Dolled Up" album very soon so stay tuned and then we will see the rest of the year out in Australia. We have the plans to tour Europe, USA and Japan next year, 2018 is going to be fun.

HBH: Anything you would like to add?

SD: Keep an eye out for Sisters Doll check us out on all social media platforms and check out for all updates, tours and merchandise. Rock on and hope to see you all at a show soon.

Thank You, for taking the time for this interview. Good luck going forward.

Thanks heaps for the interview guys you truly rock, keep rock alive and we shall see you at a show soon.

Buy the album and more at The Sisters Doll website

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