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Wendy Dio states that there are 3-5 unreleased Dio songs and a Book on the way

Wendy Dio was a guest on the Talking Metal podcast and spoke about the legacy of Ronnie James Dio and even opened up about some future plans like finishing the autobiography Ronnie had started, a possible documentary and how much Dio material remains unreleased.

“I think there’s at least three, maybe five songs. Not completed, but songs that have the lyrics and Ronnie singing them,” said Wendy when asked how much Dio material has yet to brought to the masses. “We have the band of course. Some [songs] are half done, some are just ideas and things — I’ll have to really look. I haven’t really had the time or wanted to go into that part of his life again, but I do have all the computers and it’s time — it’s been seven-and-a-half years now, so I can actually go in there and look without breaking down.” Wendy was later asked if the Dio hologram performances could potentially include these new songs in the future and she didn’t dismiss the idea, stating, “It’s a possibility. It’s a possibility. Everything’s a possibility.”

It seems there’s a never-ending well of ventures to keep the spirit of Ronnie alive as Wendy discussed other plans. “I am going to finish the book,” she affirmed, adding, “We’ve got the book which hopefully can come out next year. I keep saying that, but I haven’t had the time to sit down and go over it. He had written his book up to the middle of Rainbow which is good because I know the rest of it because I was there. We want to also do a documentary which we’ve talked about and I’m in the process of talking to a lot of different companies about that.”

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