Accept 'Rise of Chaos' album review

Rise of Chaos delivers metal at it's best! Ever since 2010’s crushing Blood of the Nations the band has been dropping one kick ass album after the other. It's all here catchy melodies ,gang choruses, and killer guitar solos.

“Die By The Sword” and the title track are classic Accept anthems, filled with great riffs, solos and those infectious chorus chants. “Koolaid” (about the Jonestown massacre), has a killer AC/DC vibe to it. “Analog Man” is another track about the state of music in this day and age.“Carry the Weight” is a uptempo rocker with an insightful message. “Race to Extinction,” closes out the 'Rise of Chaos' talking of the times that we live in and how the world is getting more and more chaotic.

Not that it hasn't been said before, but Mark has re-energized the band after taking the reins as lead singer. 'Rise of Chaos' is no exception. The guitar work and riffs are crushing as usual. The new members have not altered the sound of the band . It's classic Accept in every possible way.

Production and performance is top notch all the way around. It's a must buy....Crank this one to 11!

Rise of Chaos


The cover artwork for "The Rise Of Chaos" was created by the Hungarian artist Gyula Havancsák and is pretty badass.

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