Mr.Big - Defying Gravity Album Review

Mr Big return with their new album Defying Gravity still ripping and shredding after all these years. Recorded in just six days and produced by Kevin Elson who did their first few albums back in the day, Defying Gravity is a good listen with a few nostalgic moments including the opening spoken "We're Rolling" in addition to some reminiscing on the bands past glories . The performances by each band member are all great and Eric Martin still delivers his trademark soulful vocals. The one real negative for me was that the mixing sounds muffled compared to the production of their previous work. Maybe the band was going for a more raw sounding approach, whatever the case a little more production would've went a long way on Defying Gravity. Highlights include the opening track "Open Your Eyes" which starts things off with a big bluesy groove, the awesome guitar hooks in "Defying Gravity", the really cool acoustic ballad "Damn I’m In Love Again" which features a great vocal hook, the killer guitar riff and memorable chorus of "Mean To Me", and the classic Mr Big sound of power ballad "Forever And Back". Defying Gravity should still satisfy fans of the band, but with the proper time invested in writing and recording this album could've been so much more.


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