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Maryann Cotton : New album coming October 2nd 'Murder'

Maryann Cotton and Chrome Music Group has set an October 2nd release date for Maryann Cotton’s new album, titled Murder. It will be made available on all digital platforms and formats, CD, and limited-edition LP. The 9-track album has been recorded in USA, Denmark, and Sweden, and is written by Maryann Cotton and co-writer Hal Patino. It was produced by Maryann Cotton, and recorded by Hal Patino, Sebastian Sly, Joel Korpela and Cotton.

The tracklist is as follows:

"Cursed" "Bitch Bitching" "Resurrection" "Live It Up" "I'm The Devil" "Impales Your Empire" "Cold Crazy Baby" "Soldier Boy" "For The Angels"

With regards to the Murder album title, Cotton said: "I love that title! We wanted a title that sounded hard and mean, and it fits really well with the whole vibe of the album. It's old fashioned but modern at the same time, it’s the darkest album we’ve ever done but it’s not depressing at all, it's actually a very up-album!

It’s very experimental and the sound is dirty and dry, we have worked very hard on this album and I think that the whole thing has been taken to another level! Right now I just can’t wait for the fans to hear it! It’s pure rock 'n roll!''

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