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Every Mother's Nightmare - 'Grind' Album Review


release date October 6, 2017.

A more mature sounding Ever Mother's Nightmare returns with their new release ‘Grind’, the bands first full length album in 15 years. 'Grind' features nine studio tracks and three live songs.

Rick Ruhl sounds great, and the songs are as good, if not better then anything the band has ever recorded.

‘Grind’ kicks off with the thumping track “Loco Crazy” featuring a guest appearance by Zach Myers of Shinedown on guitar. A great way to kick off the album.

“Sacred Circle” is a great mix of 80’s old school metal with a bit of a modern feel .

Tracks like the slower ‘Blown Away’ and ‘Swing Again’ as well as the rocking ‘Snake’ ( featuring Wayne Swinny of Saliva ) all have a great sound and feel to them, but it’s the tracks “Stand Up” and “Days Are Through” which standout as real gems,

’Stand Up’ with it’s chugging guitar riff and Tennessee twang has the boys in EMN summoning their inner ZZ Top… in all the best ways ( guest appearance from Jim Dandy on vocals).

The band knocks it out of the park with soulful slow tempo “Days Are Through”!

The album closes out with 3 great sounding live tracks. “Closet Down The Hall’, ‘Walls Come Down” and “Push”

The band may have just recorded their most complete album to date. If you were a fan of the band before, your sure to love the new album!

Track List:

1. Loco Crazy

2. Snake

3. Upper Hand

4. Blown Away

5. Sacred Circle

6. Days Are Through

7. Stand Up

8. Swing Again

9. Closet Down the Hall (Live)

10. Walls Come Down (Live)

11. Push (Live) Push (Video) Blown Away (Video) Loco Crazy (Video

Pre - Order the new album HERE

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