Get Jack, the new musical by Kip Winger and Damien Gray

Get Jack is a new musical that fuses rock with classically influenced music to tell the story of the five women victims of Jack The Ripper coming back to get their revenge. Creators Kip Winger and Damien Gray have spent four years developing the piece and are now ready to debut it in the form of a concert and album release. This campaign is a very special opportunity to be part of this project in its first phase and to attend the, by invitation only, concert in NYC on Oct. 30th.

Message from Kip Winger:

Hey there,

Most of you know me as Kip Winger from the band WINGER.

Kip Winger - Band Winger

For the last 3 years, with the help of Damien Gray, I have been creating the Un-Jack The Ripper Musical, a fully sung through, fully orchestrated musical where we immortalize the women who Jack The Ripper killed, and set them loose to come back from hell to GET JACK.

It all started 3 years ago when Chris Jahnke, Music Director on Memphis (Musical), introduced me to Damien.

Kip Winger - Damien Gray - Chris Jahnke

I met Damien on Skype and we hit it off. Early on, he mentioned the Composer Satie, and I was instantly in. I had been wanting to write a bigger work that would push my envelope into a new realm. My vision was a full orchestra work that rocked. Naturally, coming from my background, I combined my past with my present. Rock and Classical.

I often think to myself, I couldn’t have written this without having worked with Alice Cooper. That gave me the edge of authenticity to go deep into the horror of the story without being cheesy.

Me on stage with Alice Cooper 1985

Then I created an orchestral language of elements similar to those in my Grammy Nominated composition, Conversations With Nijinsky. Lastly, writing some classic rock/pop music.

Grammy Nomination Medal for Conversations With Nijinsky 2017

During the writing process, I’ve come up against the edge of my skills and had to grow more skill in order to make this work in the way, I felt, was good composition. It’s been one hell of a journey, (pun intended) to create over 2 hours of music that tell such a unique story.

Up until now, I’ve demo’d the music with me singing all the male roles, with 3 local Nashville singers singing all the women’s parts.

Two years of writing, every free day that I was not touring, I’ve been working on GET JACK. Now we're very excited about bringing this to life. We're hoping you will join us in supporting this project. We want to deliver the very best product and we still need to record the 8 actors vocals, Full Orchestral parts (Winds, Brass, Percussion, Strings) Drums, Guitar, Mixing and Mastering. The costs of recording a project of this size are enormous.

A lot of musicians

For those of you who know my work, you know that I am uncompromising when it comes to high quality music, performance and production. When I record a record, my intention is that it will stand the test of time.

We are planning on having a fully sung-through concert to my tracks on October 30th 2017. Then we plan to record vocals in early November. Drums, Guitars and Orchestra shortly after that. Mixing and mastering will hopefully be completed by February 2018. From there, the sky’s the limit! We’re hoping to bring this to the stage, and to the world.

Please join us to bring Get Jack to life.

My sincere thanks for your support.


A mood sketch being used to capture the staging atmosphere.

A sketch reflecting the look and feel of the environment.

The character "Polly Nichols" as rendered by the costume designer.

The character of THE KEEPER

Check out the Kickstarter at :

Risks and challenges

Securing additional funding for Get Jack is essential, in that we're planning on putting out a KILLER orchestral/rock album. Only a full first class orchestra can achieve the lush sound that Get Jack requires. Raising 40K of additional capitol is a task that requires ALL of our Get Jack/Kip Winger fans participating at every level of giving. We're confident that as a community, we'll achieve our goal quickly. It must be noted however, that not all campaigns are successful and we must raise 40K, or Get Jack will receive 0 dollars from the campaign. As we move quickly toward the concert dates, we're confident that with the support of our fans and the general interest of Jack The Ripper, we can achieve this goal in 30 days. LETS GET JACK!!!


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