Miss Crazy / Freakshow ; Frontman Ronnie Borchert Interview with Hair Band Heaven

Ronnie Borchert aka Markus Allen Christopher talked with hairbandheaven.rocks and discussed his bands Miss Crazy's new covers album, his band Freakshow with Jeff LaBar ( Cinderella ) and former bands Amsterdam and Trixie .

HBH: Miss Crazy just released a new covers album, and made it available for a free to download via the bands website. How did you go about choosing what songs to cover?

Ronnie: We as a band just chose some songs that fans wanted to hear and we also wanted to like the choices. But we respect the artist we covered.

HBH: As an independent artist how hard is it to find new and creative ways to get income, to continue to make music and tour?

Ronnie: Bands can make money by selling albums.We have our own label and sell our music independent because we do not trust the labels.

HBH: You've had a few other bands over the years ( Amsterdam, Trixie, Freakshow ) can you tell us a little bit about each of those projects?

Ronnie: Well, I did a few things before I did Miss Crazy. Trixie was something that I did when I was a teenager, and then later in life I did two follow up albums for a label that ended up screwing me and I believe those Cd's of Amsterdam and Trixie are still available here and there , but I get nothing from those sales. The labels always screw you like that. I toured with Ratt in 2001 with Amsterdam. Freakshow was an album I did with some ex guys from Quiet Riot, Cinderella and Blue Murder. That was an epic underground album to this day.


HBH: You released a solo album back in 2007 Ronnie Borchers “Change“ are there plans to do another solo album?

Ronnie: Yes, I am currently working on one now. Gonna be heavy and then I am also adding some covers..but it will be a lot different then the last Miss Crazy covers thing. This album will be more and above anything I have ever done.

HBH: How was it working with Jeff LaBar in Freakshow? I think the two of you make a good team. Jeff’s solo album had some really good stuff on it.

Ronnie: I love Jeff, he is a true talent and good friend. We have a good vibe when we play in the studio and when we played live. I will always cherish the times we had together....and well you never know when we might do it again. Just never with Frankie Banali....Never!

HBH: What bands inspired you growing up?

Ronnie: Def Leppard, Kiss, Ozzy, Metallica, Castaway, Rick Springfield, Journey, Van Halen, AC/DC, just to name a few. It was hard rock that thrilled me the most. They became my influences and you can hear it in my songs today.

HBH: What’s your take on music and the internet. On one hand you have sites like Youtube and Facebook where a band can put up a video or song and be seen instantly by millions of people, and on the other hand file sharing has almost killed any record sales.

Ronnie: I think it sucks. You have all these sites where you get everything for free. The internet killed everything for bands like mine. Free..Free...Free..nothing I can do about it..all my music is pirated. People suck.



HBH: You’ve released 16 studio albums to date. Do you have a favorite, one that stands out as far as everything just coming together production and performance wise?

Ronnie: Yeah...Trixie "Shelter" 2006 , Miss Crazy "Can't Get Enough" 2006, Freakshow 2009

HBH: What are your plans going forward with Miss Crazy, will you be out touring or getting back in the studio to record a new album?

Ronnie: Gonna do this solo album and then we will see. I have been talking to the guys and they wanna do some stuff..... we all work great together and have some stuff we already recorded..so we might just add to that and see how it sounds and go from there.

HBH: Anything you would like to add?

Ronnie: Thanks for the interview and you can get any albums HERE

Check out Miss Crazy's FB Page at : https://www.facebook.com/MissCrazyMusic/

Miss Crazy website : http://www.misscrazyrecords.com

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