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Madam X - Interview with Hair Band Heaven ; Talk new album 'Monstrocity'

Madam X is set to release their debut follow up album "Monstrocity"........33 years later! Lead singer Bret Kaiser recently talked with and gave us the run done on all things MX!

HBH: Madam X has a new album coming out called “Monstrosity”. Can you tell us a little bit about what fans can expect from the new album?

Bret: The unexpected! LOL, all I can say is “We aint in High School anymore”, Monstrocity is a much heavier, deeper, and a Mind-Blowing Madam X… lots of surprises on this record.

HBH: It’s been 33 years since the band’s debut album “We Reserve the Right”, what was the catalyst for the original band getting back together and recording the long awaited follow up?

Bret: Well It is all Roxy’s fault…LOL, she was playing w/ Vixen at Firefest and noticed a lot of Madam X memorabilia coming across the table to be signed. So, she called her sister Maxine and suggested putting something out for all the fans. Maxine called me and I said yes but we need to have GODZILLA. He agreed and we put out the song Another 80’s Rock Song (The Party Never Ends). Maxine got a call from Johannes Lindstrom from Sweden Rock Festival who asked “is this the original band?” after Max told him yes, we were offered a slot on the Sweden Rock Festival. The show was amazing and we all decided to do another record but this time OUR WAY!!

HBH: Will the band hit the road in support of “Monstrocity”?

Bret: One can only hope!!! Yes, I am sure we will.

HBH: How did Madam X hook up with EMP Label Group for the release of the new album. They have been cranking out some great albums this year.

Bret: Yes, thank you EMP! it was Roxy who had an in with Thom Hazaert after she and her sister Maxine put out another project called VIP Aftershow and a smoking tribute song to Lemmy called “Kilmister” and another heavy called “Full Metal Jacket” which both featured Mark Slaughter on Vocals. Besides having Michael Wagener at the mixing helm, Mark is also mixing 3 songs on the new MX record.

HBH: There seems to be a real love by the fans for that first Madam X record. How have the shows and fan reaction been since the bands return?

Bret: Well the fans are the most important thing to us, and that is why we are back!!! The outpour of love after Sweden Rock was unbelievable my facebook friends list skyrocketed …LOL

HBH: The band started off in Detroit, MI and then moved to New York, before finally heading to Los Angeles. Is it true that you guys only played one show at the Troubadour before getting a record contract with Jet Records?

Bret: One show at the Troubadour yes, but don’t forget… countless shows, sets, miles, sweat, tears, laughs and perseverance before that show, definitely priceless!!!

HBH: You have a few different musical outlets outside of Madam X. Can you talk a little bit about your Elvis tribute act ’56 and the band you formed after leaving Madam X; Kaiser?

Bret: I have always been a big Elvis fan, I do have the Rockinest Rockabilly band called ’56. We have a CD called “Steppin” on CD Baby. I also do a tribute to ELVIS in Phoenix. My band Kaiser was actually together before I joined Madam X, it was called Cheetah and we opened for Madam X in 1981 when they came to Long Island, NY. After I left Madam X in late 1985, I went back to NY and formed Kaiser with my brother Bruce Kaiser. We moved to Phoenix, AZ. In 1986 and rocked 5-6 nights a week. Landed a Bud Light sponsorship toured the states and then disbanded in 1991.

HBH: I thought Kaiser had a great sound and should’ve had a real shot at making it. “Josette’s Song” was a great ballad. Will any of those demos ever be officially released?

Bret: Thank you, I felt the same way, unfortunately it wasn’t in the cards…Oh well. In 2007, we did get together to have a show and then once a year after that. In 2015, we lost our drummer “Pistol” Pete and then in 2017, our brother Mikey “Bones”. Yes, I do have demos and plan on releasing a record in the future. For now, it’s MX’s time to conquer!!!

HBH: What are the bands plans going forward? Will there more albums in the future?

Bret: WORLD DOMINATION!! I will settle for no less. I am sure we will do more albums.

HBH: Good luck with the new album and the future of Madam X!

Bret: Thank you very much, I appreciate it. We will see everyone soon! Get ready world MONSTROCITY is coming…... This aint no Trick only a rockin Treat!!! A special thanx to all the MX-fans all over the world... A big metal thanks to David Ellefson and Thom Hazaert and EMP. Thank you, Josh and Hair Band Heaven!

Be sure to pick up the new Madam X record when it hits the streets on October 31, 2017!

You can check out the bands website and FB Page at:

Madam X - Sweden Rock Festival (2014 )

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