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Broken Teeth "4 on the Floor" Album Review - Hair Band Heaven

Review: Broken Teeth – 4 On The Floor

EMP Label Group 2017

It’s dirty, gritty, pissed off and angry…… it’s AC/DC on steroids.

Broken Teeth return with the album “4 on the Floor”. Ten blistering tracks of fuel injected rock n roll.

If your late to the party known as Broken Teeth, the band has been cranking out kick ass rock 'n' roll for nearly 20 years. The band exploded out of Austin in 1999 and has been a non stop Rock n Roll machine ever since!

Kicking off the new album is the title track “4 on the Floor” When you lay the needle down and you hear the engine roar, the guitars start to chug and with the opening verse …( If I was a Killer , I’d keep your head in a box , so I could see your face..….Change of plans gonna be a Rock n Roll singer ). McMaster and company have you hooked.


Following up the great opening track with mid tempo rocker “Sinful” a catchy slow burning track with a guitar sound that just oozes of 70’s ZZ Top.

”All or Nothin’’ and “Gotcha Some” are a couple of straight ahead rockers.

“Borrowed Time” is a little laid back with a cool little bluesy groove. McMaster’s vocal delivery is what makes this one of my favorite tracks on the album .

The band pays tribute to Lemmy on the kick ass tune “Never Dead”…..( I believe in Motorhead, all the gauges in the Red, Motorhead never dead!)


Track after track of great Rock n Roll, that just keeps pummeling your face, but leaves you smiling…..with maybe just a few Broken Teeth to show for it.

Track Listing:

Four on the Floor


All or Nothin'

Gotcha' Some

Borrowed Time

House of Damnation

Let the War Machine Roll

Never Dead

All Day Sucker

Rock Bottom

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