Five years into the San Diego micro-brewery's history, they hit paydirt, with a limited edition ode to one of the biggest alcohol consuming metalhead of all time, the late Lemmy Kilmister. Not the first time they've offered a Motörhead beverage, Born To Lose IPA (via Amplified Ales) is available now! The label on the silver, pint can depicts the band's menacing War Pig logo, as well as grimacing drummer Mikkey Dee flipping the bird, as each band member is characterized in a state of chaos. The IPA is a robust, hop laden drink, with a hint of citrus flavor. 6.5% is a bigger kick than most competition, but would expect nothing less from the Lemmy/ Motorhead pedigree, always striving to be the biggest/ baddest/ loudest (and now “heaviest”).

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