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Alien (US) Demo 1982 + Interview 1983 (Frank C. Starr of Four Horsemen)

ALIEN ... 1982 demo which tears it up big style, sounding very similar to a killer NWOBHM band with soaring lead guitar work galore. There's 1, possibly 2 tracks on here that could be classed as Hardrock/AOR/Hair metal, but the rest is just MUCH heavier, rawer & downright power-laden than their vinyl EP ( & sole release!!), the songs on the demo that also appear on the ep, are played faster & with way more grit & energy too. Also included the 1983 interview the band did with a member of Staff from Mongrel Horde records.

Frank C Starr who later fronted The Four Horsemen passed away after being hit by a drunk driver while riding his motorcycle down Sunset Strip. He spent 3 years in a coma before finally passing away.

Bass player Damien 'The Beast' Bardot (AKA Michael Bruno) died of cancer after 25 years on death row in Florida for the murder of a man (Lionel Merlano) at whose apartment he'd been drinking. The victim was bludgeoned with a crowbar before being shot in the head twice at point blank range. Bardot is said to have returned to Merlano's apartment numerous times to steal the victim's stereo equipment and other electronics before the body was discovered three days later. Bardot / Bruno continued to proclaim his innocence throughout his incarceration.

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