Kane Roberts new album to feature Alice Cooper and Kip Winger

Kane Roberts soon to be released album via Frontiers Records, is shaping to be a reunion of sorts, with contributions from Kip Winger and Alice Cooper.

From Kane Roberts Facebook page :

My ex-boss and eternal friend (to name just a few things) ALICE COOPER came to the studio one night and recorded an insane DUET with me! Heavy duty song and we blaze through it (Alice's voice, in a word, awesome!).

Another kickass musician contributing to my upcoming Frontiers CD. Inner circle friend (and Grammy Nominee) Kip Winger punched out some serious (and I mean hardcore) bass parts on a number of the brand new songs I'm carving out. The BEFORE and AFTER was a wake up call to say the least. Thanks Kip!

Kane Roberts Facebook Page

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