Stephen Pearcy - Smash

Stephen Pearcy latest studio album, Smash, on Frontiers Records

My first impression of Smash was, that Stephen hit the rewind button to the glory days of Ratt n Roll. Smash sounds fantastic, Pearcy sounds great! His style is still the same as it always was, all rock attitude with a touch of punk growl. Everything that helped make Ratt legends on the Sunset Strip, is still alive and well in the world of "Smash"

Smash has a classic Ratt vibe with just a touch Arcade thrown in for good measure.

There's a lot of cool tunes here.

"Lollipop", a sleazy number that sounds like a 70's Aerosmith with a touch of Ratt n Roll. "Shut Down Baby" finds Pearcy tapping into his inner Led Zeppelin. "Ten Miles Wide" has the classic Ratt hit song sound. With the song "Jamie" Pearcy keeps that Ratt vibe going strong. And with the closing ballad, "Summers End", sounding like it could've been pulled straight from either of the Arcade studio albums.

All in all, Stephen Pearcy's "Smash" is without question the best non Ratt album that Stephen has put out since the Arcade days. If you've been waiting around the last seven years for a new Ratt record to come along, then I recommend picking this up.......Until the Ratt bastards return, this will do just fine.

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