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"Michael Monroe - The Best", releases worldwide on June 9th 2017

It was about time, someone packaged “The Best” of seminal classic rock icon Michael Monroe. The ageless rock icon and quite possibly the only genuine rock star Finland has ever had celebrates the thirtieth anniversary of his debut solo album, "Nights Are So Long" with the release a best-of compilation album, a 29-song monolith of sheer excellence spanning his entire solo career and featuring an impressive cast of band members, songwriters and friends, past and present. "Michael Monroe - The Best", releases worldwide on June 9th 2017. Included on the new collection will be four previously unreleased tracks, in addition to a new song called "One Foot Outta The Grave", which was already released as a single on April 7. Monroe revealed the first details of the upcoming compilation during an interview with "Star Radio Rock Show With Neil Jones" past March: "I'm releasing a compilation of… It's been thirty years now since my first solo album, 'Nights Are So Long', came out, so it's like a thirty-year-anniversary kind of year. So we're releasing a best-of of all these years of all my solo albums. It's twenty-six songs, including the last three, and there's five bonus tracks, including a new single called 'One Foot Outta The Grave', which is also included. There's five bonus tracks, previously unreleased, and one of them is very significant. I can't reveal yet, but there's a big name playing on one of them, so it'll be a nice surprise." The aforementioned big name is Slash, who features on a new version of the Steppenwolf classic “Magic Carpet Ride”. The previous version of the song by these fine gentlemen was heard on “The Coneheads” moviesoundtrack back in 1993. The rest of the bonuses are “Fist Fulla Dynamite”, “Simpletown”, “It’s A Lie” and finally, an explosive cover song, “Get On” by the Finnish rock legends, Hurriganes. "Michael Monroe - The Best" was mastered at Chartmakers studio in Espoo, Finland with mastering engineer Svante Forsbäck (Rammstein, The Rasmus, Volbeat etc.)

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