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Hardcore Superstar Interview with Hair Band Heaven

( photo credit: Ian Goucher )

HBH recently had a chance to chat with Jocke Berg, lead singer of Hardcore Superstar about the upcoming tour with Fozzy and the bands plans for 2017 and beyond.

You have a really cool tour coming up with Fozzy. Can you tell us how that came about and if you’ve known those guys previous to this?

I think it was that Hcss have the same booking agency as Fozzy and both bands were supposed to do a european tour this fall. So instead of doing a tour alone with a support band both bands thought it would be better to do it together and as a Co headline thing and hopefully sell more tickets that way!

Hardcore Superstar has been around for 20 years now. You guys started back when a lot of bands where no longer playing this type of music. What do you contribute to the bands longevity?

That we´re not afraid to change the direction in our music and lyrics,Cuz if you listen to our albums every album have a different sound that is special to just that album! When I talk to fans nowadays they are always excited of how the next album would sound like, cuz they know by now that everything can happened! I think thats why we had a long life as a band,cuz there always something new on every album!

It’s been a few years now since the last release, are there any plans for some new music in the near future?

Yeah,The songs are written and we start to record the album at the end of the summer!

Last year the band toured with one of my all time favorite artist, Michael Monroe. Can you tell us a little bit about that experience, and what is was like being out on tour with such a huge legend?

Michael is both an idol and a friend to us so it was of course a dream come true. We had a blast touring together with Michael both in Europe and the US!

Give us your top five favorite albums of all time ?

Death Angel: Act lll

Iron Maiden: Number of the beast

Motley Crue: Shout at the devil

Pantera: Vulgar display

Vain: No respect

Are there any plans for Hardcore Superstar to return to the states this year?

Not what I know of yet, but hopefully in 2018!

What’s your take on today’s hard rock and metal scene? Do you think will ever see a new hard rock/metal band reach the status of say a Motley Crue again?

I think that that era is gone sadly and it would be almost impossible for a band to become as huge as Motley crue was nowadays! But Hcss will give it a try!

The band just seems to be getting better with each release. What can we expect from the next record?

An album that you can drink and party to, and there are of course a new side from HCSS that

you´ve never heard before!

Ok, one final question, tell us your dream tour Hardcore Superstar and …….




Thank You to Jocke Berg and Marica Svensson

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