Cinderella - Long Cold Winter Session (Featuring Cozy Powell)

The "Long Cold Winter" sessions featuring Cozy Powell on drums.

Taken from the original master cassette tape (Maxell XLII 60) belonged to Cozy Powell.

When asked about Cozy Powell playing drums on "Long Cold Winter" Tom Keifer had this to say:

He played most of the drums. Fred was new to the band. We had a session drummer on our first record and Fred came in and did the tour. Fred was very young. When we came back in to do Long Cold Winter, Andy didn’t think he was quite there. We had a couple of guys come in on that. It was hard for Fred, but he took it as motivation and he woodshedded and worked really hard. He played on the next record Heartbreak Station and he did a great job.

Tom Keifer - Electric & acoustic guitar, Vocals Eric Brittingham - Bass Cozy Powell - Drums

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