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Vixen planning on releasing a live album

Vixen frontwoman Janet Gardner was recently interview by Mark Dean for AntiHero Magazine and was asked about another Vixen album in the future.

Gardner replied: “Yeah. For right now we are, our plans are to do probably a live release. Because we never did that with this line up. You know, certainly not with the original Vixenwith Jan, R.I.P. She did a live release with her other Vixenband. But Roxy and Share and I have never done that. So, those are… That’s definitely in the works for this summer and we’re going to try and get some sort of live release, and then yeah, we’ll talk about doing some new music at some point.”

In terms of who would be the most inspiring musician that she has ever worked with, Gardner stated: “That is really difficult to pick. Because everybody has their own contributions. And you know, my bandmates in Vixen have been great and I admire them very much and respect what they do, and that’s always been a great collaboration. I loved writing with them and working with them. Right now, I am loving working with my husband, Justin. He is so good at so many thing that I am not. His strengths are exactly what I need to help me get things to where I want them to be. He’s very patient, very understanding and supportive. You know if I’m onto something good he will just back me up. “Oh yeah, keep going on that. That’s great. That’s great. Keep that coming”. So, you know, there’s been so many people. Even with Richard Marx in the studio doing “Edge of a Broken Heart”. He was very good at the same thing. Just saying, “Oh go with that. That’s sounding great. Stay on that thought.” And Gina. The former guitar player. She was great to work with. We had a great rapport back and forth. So yeah, they’ve all been very special in different ways.”

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