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Fight Or Fall is a multi-part documentary telling the complex tale of Riot and follows Riot V as they tour the USA, Canada with festivals in Japan and Europe. Part 1 is streaming below, released on founding guitarist Mark Reale's birthday, June 7th, by The Metal Voice.

Part 1 covers the formation of Riot, Rock City, Narita-eras and the demise and resurrection of the band for their most popular album, Fire Down Under. The first instalment also covers Riot V in rehearsals and preparation for their US dates and their trek into Chicago and Detroit.

Guests included in Part 1:

Steve 'Lips' Kudrow - Anvil Martin Popoff - Rock Author Anthony Reale - Mark Reale's Father Mike Flyntz - Riot V and Riot guitarist Donnie Van Stavern - Riot V and Riot bassist Frank Gilchriest - Riot V and Riot drummer Todd Michael Hall - Riot V vocalist Lance Barnewold - Riot V touring guitarist in July 2017 Lou A Kouvaris - Riot guitarist (1976-1978) Rick Ventura - Riot guitarist (1978-1983) Phil Feit - Riot bassist (1974-1976) (1979-1980), Billy Idol, Joan Jett Peter Bitelli - Riot drummer (1972-1980)

Filmmaker Jimmy Kay had this to say about the project, "This is a reality/documentary, the viewer gets to watch the band travel in the first person from city to city, see them perform their music, tell their stories and interact with themselves and the fans. It captures the brotherhood, the continuation of Riot V and bridges the two entities together. The documentary also aims to explain the Riot back story and legacy."

Giles Lavery co-producer concluded, "The story of Riot is one of the most unique and inspiring in the history of hard rock and heavy metal, the story has many twists and turns along the way, but the songs were and are always at forefront as some of the best in hard rock and heavy metal."

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