Ukrainian Zoo Unveils Statute Of SLAYER's Tom Araya

The XII Months zoo in the village of Demidiv in the Ukraine just unveiled its statute of Araya on May 28, 2017. A giant statute of Slayer frontman Tom Araya with a giant Slayer shield logo behind him and lyrics to "Dead Skin Mask" carved into stone in front of him. The zoo's Facebook page posted the following message:

Dear friends, we have finally finished our discussions and alterations, and can say – a sculpture of Tom Araya in our park is completed and submitted for your critical inspection. I can not tell you how hard it was and how much we argued about the accuracy of, say, shape the beard :) or Tom’s guitar. I put the results of our work on the official website of Tom, I have heard that he is now back from Chile and the rest before the European tour – perhaps peep us. At least Sandra Araya (wife) told me that she liked. . God forbid. . . I also told her how things were arguing about any details on the sculpture and even joked that thankfully there that at the concert – and if the sculpture called, for example, Tom on the beach. . . .

I am pleased that Ukraine has paid attention to the whole army (millions) of Slayer fans and Tom. Take a look at his website :) and all approval

Propaganda, war ensemble, Burial to the BE .

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