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Tequila Sunrise - Danger Zone

Perris Records Press Release:

For fans of Danger Danger, Ratt, Dokken, Mr Big and Bon Jovi. Perris Records is proud to announce the CD release "Danger Zone" by Tequila Sunrise in 2017. Tequila Sunrise is a Hard Rock, Hard & Heavy and AOR band formed in 2010- 2011. Some of its members are session musicians, each with a wide and varied music related professional career, in rock as well as in other different styles. Three of the band members, that had a friendship before, met several times in many of these jobs: Rubén Santos, Ramón Blein y Cecilio Sanchez-Robles, so then was when they decided to found Tequila Sunrise, that besides having an extraordinary technical quality, it has a fresh and personal touch, product from the musical eclecticism reflected in each of its songs.


1. Day By Day

2. My Way Or The Highway

3. Bad Side Of Love

4. Stay On The Wild Side

5. Danger Zone

6. Coming Home

7. She

8. Carry On

9. Risk It All

10. Fallen Angels

available at Perris Records

Rubén Santos- Drums

Ramón Blein - Guitar

Cecilio Sánchez-Robles -Guitar

Jorge Cortés - Lead Vocal,

Jesús Acosta-Bass

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