Faster Pussycat - "Faster Pussycat" (1987)

Every hard rock fan remembers 1987 as the year that Guns n' Roses released their eponymous debut album "Appetite for Destruction". But just around the same time a couple of weeks earlier, another Sunset Strip band Faster Pussycat, named in honor of a Russ Meyer film, crawled from the backstreets of smash alley to release their self-titled debut. While Guns n' Roses were skyrocketing into the stratosphere of rock n´roll, Faster Pussycat covered their home turf of Los Angeles, and the Sunset Strip.

Faster Pussycat was Elektra's answer to Geffen's gutter huggin' Guns N' Roses. Hailing from the seedy-side of Hollywood, and packing on the street sleaz in a major way, Faster Pussycat drew from the best of '70s Aerosmith, with a major pull in the wardrobe department from the glammed up New York Dolls.

With tunnel vision focused squarely on sex, drugs and rock n roll. Bleached blonde vocalist Taime Downe and his backing cast of dark hair electric gypsies punched out a tasty set of bare bones, blues-based rockers on their 1987 self-titled debut album. The Pussycat pack rolled-in with full-on swagger from the opening "Don´t Change That Song", right up til the end, this record is a best example of darker, street wise sound of Hollywood. Forget the ballads, it´s all about down and dirty rock n´roll, whether you are caught in the bad part of town ("Smash Alley", "City Has no Heart"), Nightclubs ("Cathouse") or you´re just on a lookout for the cheap liquor and cheaper women ("Bottle in Front of Me", "Bathroom Wall") this is a perfect soundtrack for a wild night in Hollywood.

Don't Change That Song

This album is one of the very best things to come out of Hollywood in the 80s! Nothing but sleazy fun from start to finish!

Bathroom Wall


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