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Junkyard - High Water

April 22, 2017


So let's start by asking the question, was the 26 year wait for a new full length studio album from Junkyard worth it ? F**k yes! If you've been on Hair Band Heaven's Facebook page at any point in the last year or so, then you probably know that we've wore the wheels off the single "Faded" which was released previous to the recording of "High Water". 


With the new album the band is back with the 11 kick ass tracks of piss and vinegar.Tales that the working man or woman can relate to about family, everyday life and lessons learned.


"Cut From the Same Cloth" an ode to the families that shaped them into the bad ass rock n rollers they are. "Styrofoam Cup" is a song that almost anyone at some point in their lives could relate to


(That road ahead don't look like much 

Nothing much is what I'm leaving behind

Wherever I'm going I'm going in blind

I'll burn my bridges on the way out of town

I better walk before they run me down)


Then there is the mother of all relationship songs "W.F.L.W.F" (We F**k Like We Fight)! an angst filled anthem for the ages.......We smash everything in sight!


This album has everything a long time fan of the band could want and more. If this is your introduction to Junkyard, it's a glorious one! 


 "High Water" just grabs you by the throat and smacks you in the face with some good old dirty rock n roll.


So from Hair Band Heaven to Junkyard ......Thank You! See you this August in Cincinnati.



01. Walk Away
02. Faded
03. Cut From The Same Cloth
04. Styrofoam Cup
05. Hellbound
06. W.F.L.W.F.
07. Don’t Give a Damn
08. Hell or High Water
09. Wallet
10. ‘Til The Wheels Fall Off
11. Kindness to the Dead



David Roach – Vocals
Tim Mosher – Guitar
Todd Muscat – Bass
Patrick Muzingo – Drums
Jimmy James – Guitar


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