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April 18, 2017


Cyanide 4 - Nekyia

“Nekyia” embodies all the usual elements of todays modern day Sleaze metal band (meaning something in between Crashdiet and Hardcore Superstar)  with their new release they have honed their songwriting and production! From the opening track “Restless” and the catchy “Getaway” up to the old school number “Rock n Roll Hero” and the monster ballad “Amphetamine Dreams”, Lead singer G.A. Sinn has never sounded better and the entire band is dripping in sleaze by the time the closing track " Love Me When I'm Dead" hits it's final notes.

Cyanide 4 " Nekyia" offers some gems with distorted riffs, high energy vocals and most importantly kick ass rock n roll!

Available directly from Perris Records, Amazon


Track List for Cyanide 4’s Nekyia:
01. Restless
02. Rock ‘N’ Roll Hero
03. She-Mystery Girl
04. Incinerate
05. Lucky 13
06. Amphetamine Dreams
07. A Light Among Darkness
08. Getaway
09. Fading Memories
10. Love Me When I’m Dead


Band Members

G.A SINN:rhythm guitar/vocals



DYAN MAIR:lead guitar



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