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April 18, 2017


The self described southern blues rock band American Rebel Soul released their self titled debut album via Perris Records in January of 2017 .


Think bands like Laidlaw, Moon Dog Mane and Little Caesar and you'll get where their coming from. A mix of classic 80's rock and metal with some  70's southern rock and you have American Rebel Soul.


There are some great tunes on here starting with the lead track  "Ready to Roll" that almost has a Velvet Revolver vibe to it.  The very Foreigner sounding "Temptress" that promises to be stuck in your head for the next several days . "Tattooed Romeo" is a track that would've received tons of airplay in the 80's with some killer guitar work and gang chorus vocals it has all the makings of a hit 80's metal tune. The band brings the album to close with "Take a Stand" a take on todays current  state of the world affairs  .......Let the past be in the past , I guess it's time for us to rise and take a stand!

  If your a fan of 80's metal and 70's southern rock then  you just can't go wrong here .You can pick up the cd directly from Perris Records, Amazon or iTunes. 

Track List:
01. Ready To Roll
02. One Shot
03. Revival
04. No Apologies
05. Back Window
06. Sacrifice
07. Temptress
08. Tattooed Romeo
09. Say Hello To Goodbye
10. Take A Stand


Band Members:
Jimmie Earls – bass
Dave Kubicek – lead 
Dawn Kubicek – backing vocals
Sean Quidgeon – rhythm and lead guitars,
Jay Winslow – drums


Produced by American Rebel Soul
Engineered and mastered by Jamie Hillyer
Mixed and mastered by Shain Lloyd



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