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Limited white colored vinyl LP pressing. Respected Danish hard rock singer/songwriter Ronnie Atkins kicks off 2022 with the electrifying new studio album, Make It Count, issued almost one year to the day after the release of Atkins' last solo album, the critically acclaimed One Shot. "Me and my great team of musicians followed exactly the same procedure as we did with "One Shot," since I still feel a bit like I am racing against time because of my diagnosis," Atkins shares. "So, I basically sent my songs to Chris [Laney, producer], who would then work on a demo. When we were satisfied with the arrangements, I would then record the vocals and then the individual musicians laid down their tracks. I already had quite a few ideas from when "One Shot" was released back in March 2021 and continued writing on and off through the spring and summer of 2021. The album was then recorded between April and October 2021," explains Atkins.

Ronnie Atkins (Pretty Maids Singer) Make It Count VINYL

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