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Side 1
 1."Black Sabbath" (Peel Sessions 1970)
 2."Walpurgis (War Pigs)"
 3."Fairies Wear Boots"
 4."Behind The Wall Of Sleep"
 5."Black Sabbath" (Beat-club 1970)
 7."Iron Man"
 8."Blue Suede Shoes"
Side 2
 1."Paranoid" (Paris 1970)
 2."Hand Of Doom"
 3."Rat Salad"
 4."Iron Man"
 5."Black Sabbath"
 7."Behind The Wall Of Sleep"
 8."War Pigs"
 9."Fairies Wear Boots"
Side 3
 1."Tomorrow's Dream" (California Jam)
 2."Sweet Leaf"
 3."Killing Yourself To Live"
 4."War Pigs"
 6."Sabbra Cadabra"
 7."Sometimes I'm Happy"
 9."Iron Man"
 11."Sabbra Caddabra" (reprise)
 13."Children Of The Grave"
Side 4
 1."Killing Yourself To Live" (Paranoid In New Jersey)
 2."Hole In The Sky"
 4."Symptom Of The Universe"
 5."War Pigs"
 7."Sabbra Cadabra"
 8."Sometimes I'm Happy"
 10."Iron Man"
 11."Black Sabbath"
 12."Spiral Architect"
 13."Children Of The Grave"
Side 5
 1."Killing Yourself To Live" (Don Kirshner's Rock Concert)
 2."Hole In The Sky"
 4."War Pigs"

Black Sabbath - 5 CD Box Set:The Broadcast Collection 1970-1975

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